Minav Corp's success is built upon a solid foundation and commitment to deliver, thus establishing us as the leader in the US marketplace. Our expertise spans all aspects of footwear including sales, marketing, distribution, finance, and the business system. We have developed a deep understanding of the footwear industry enabling us to offer a perfected combination of skills imperative to delivering solutions at all levels of retail. We strive to constantly evolve with the ever changing retail channel landscape to ensure we meet the ever changing needs of our customers and partners.

  • Brands

    Top Brands

    We distribute some of the best footwear brands in the Americas.

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  • Scalability

    What Minav Corp does

    Minav Corp has the fulfillment services, financial, warehouse facility and human resources available to meet current and future demand

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  • Partners

    What Minav Corp does

    We partner with a select group of 3rd party software and service suppliers that specialize in their unique service areas.

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    How can Minav Corp help you

    Feel free to contact us on how we may help you and your business

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Minav Corp

minav corp
Our success is built upon a solid foundation and commitment to deliver.
Minav Corp holds an impressive portfolio of globally recognized brands that is continuously growing. We are able to cater to a broad cross section of market segments with a full range of price points.

Latest Products

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  • Santana Canada Mecatto
  • Santana Canada Montreaux
  • Aquatherm Crystal
  • JB Goodhue Farmer2
  • JB Goodhue Rigger
  • JB Goodhue Ironworker+
  • JB Goodhue Bionic2